The Vision

Melanie Tremblay founded Mink Makeup & Hair in 2007 with a vision of creating the most trusted and referred bridal beauty company in Vancouver. Her vision included gathering the city's best and friendliest stylists to create amazing experiences for brides, from trial to wedding day. After making over 800 brides and bridesmaids feel happy and beautiful to date, that vision has become reality.

When you book a Mink stylist, you will be treated with an experience in exceptional customer service, beauty expertise, and wedding-day pampering.
Mink stylists ENJOY what they do and desire to make the wedding day spectacular for you from start to finish.

Mink brides are made to feel the way a bride ought to feel on her wedding day:
beautiful, confident, at ease and joyous!

About Us

Mink Values
Customer service is our first priority, along with our reliability and trustworthiness. We endeavor to create beautiful, polished hair and makeup looks that the client feels confident in and will impart a lasting positive memory. We want to build a rapport and sense of ease with the bride, so that she feels comfortable with having us in her home and as part of her wedding day. Our team aims to simplify and beautify the bride’s day through the collaboration of our professional and experienced stylists. We aspire to leave brides with such an exceptional experience that they want to tell their friends and family about Mink.