Becky Senior Stylist

Becky is originally from Kelowna BC and at the age of 25, she moved to Vancouver at the start of 2012 to attend Blanche Macdonald Center for the Global Makeup program. Half way through the course, she was hired as a Cosmetician with Shoppers Drug Mart and has since become very well rounded in not only makeup, but skin care and fragrances. Upon completing the course, she was hired right away with Mink and has since grown with the company as well as an individual artist. Becky has also been working on a part-time basis in the local TV and film, fashion, and creative side of the industry. Ever since a very young age she has always been interested in the field of beauty.. " I remember grade 5 being the first time I got my hands on my mum's makeup bag and have been playing with it ever since!"

Why is hair and makeup your career? It's always been a huge passion of mine, ever since I was a little girl. Getting the opportunity to make another woman feel like she is her most beautiful self, make her feel like an absolute queen is a massive reward in itself. I love everything about getting ladies ready for their big day, photo shoot, prom, whatever the occasion!
What is it about working with brides/weddings you enjoy? There's always so much love in the air! It's such an exciting, fun day for them, getting to be a part of it is always so amazing! I'm also a big conversationalist and having someone sit in my chair always means I get the chance to learn all about them and hear some of their awesome stories!
What is your favourite style to do? For makeup, anything I can get a little creative and edgy with, I'm all about fun colours, drama and boldness. For hair, I love getting to create updo's, from the clean and chic to the messy and intricate, it's so hard to choose just one! 
What inspires you? Living in such a vast community of multicultural people, there's inspiration around every corner. From all the different people and styles, to the gorgeous nature we are surrounded with, my mind is constantly coming up with new ideas, and any chance I get, I enjoy watching other artist work their craft. There's always so much more to be learned!  
List 3 words to describe your style/approach to hair and makeup. Fun Creative Dramatic