Eva- Personal Stylist

Eva is a Vancouver based professional makeup artist originally from Czech Republic. Eva came to Canada with dreams and passion to achieve big things. At University in her home country, Eva earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree studying the question “What is Beauty?” analyzing the theories of critics, philosophers and art historians who, like Eva, were searching for the answer. That’s why becoming a makeup artist was a best choice for her. 
She graduated from Blanche Macdonald and in her short career she has graced the podium three times at the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) Battle of the Brushes and she has taken home first, second and third prizes across two categories in Vancouver and in Toronto. She is now working as an in-demand freelance artist for editorial, fashion shoots, weddings and films. In Eva's free time she enjoys painting, creating new looks and traveling.  Why is hair and makeup your career?
As a child I wanted to be an artist. I went to Art school without knowing there is some makeup school somewhere in the world. I was struggling so many years with my career until I moved to Canada and discovered makeup schools. That was exactly what I was looking for for these years, I have found myself. Finally I feel I do what I love and I’m good at it. I’m so blessed. 

What is it about working with brides/weddings you enjoy? I dare say that the most important thing for a bride at her wedding day is to look THE BEST. And be a part of it, to  make the bride look stunning and happy with herself is the most beautiful thing. 
What is your favorite style to do? I always get most excited when client wants something unusual, new. When I can bring some of my creativity into makeup. But I love doing all kinds of makeup and hair. 
What inspires you? I seek inspiration in art mostly but sometimes it comes to me in dreams and random thoughts. Sometimes the face itself inspires me. 
List 3 words that describe your style/approach to hair and makeup: artistic, chic, fun!