Jacqueline -Senior Stylist 

Jacqueline is a organic makeup and hair artist specializing in natural makeup and skin care. After 3 years of experience in Vancouver as a Makeup Artist in Film & Fashion, Jacqueline had packed up her kit and moved to New York City to work as an intern for a Brooklyn Beauty Agency. After landing the cover of a magazine, working New York Fashion Week and building an impressive fashion portfolio, Jacqueline returned home to Vancouver with a new outlook on the industry. With some big ideas boiling up inside, Jacqueline wanted to pursue her passion for makeup artistry, a conscious lifestyle and empowering women to feel confident in their skin. 

Jacqueline's experience in the makeup industry is extensive and diverse. From time in the film industry working with prosthetic's to working 1 on 1 with organic skin care and makeup companies. Jacqueline is now branching out on a journey that has not been walked by many makeup artists. As the only 100% Natural Makeup and Hair Artist in the city of Vancouver, Jacqueline is thrilled to offer this exclusive services to Brides. 

Why is hair and makeup your career? My passion is making women feel beautiful. After years of using my Hair and Makeup skills as a way of expressing my artistic side, I began to realize how much I truly care about the women that were sitting in my chair. My makeup and hair kit is simply my medium in which love and kindness is infused with. I believe I have the best career in the world because I have the ability to not only make a woman look and feel physically beautiful, but I use care through kindness to always ensure my clients feel beautiful from the inside first, which means everything to me.
What is it about working with brides/weddings you enjoy? There is something very special about working with brides. Experiencing the joy, love and all the emotions in-between is exciting and rewarding for me as an artist. To be apart of any woman “big day” is an honour and I enjoy making women feel pampered and ready for their wedding day. For me, it is not only about making the bride look beautiful, but also easing her mind and making her feel calm as she gets prepared. The morning of a wedding can feel quite stressful, so I do my part by creating a peaceful mood for each bridal party. 
What is your favorite style to do? I am a huge fan of any hairstyle with braids, deep lip colours and glowing complexions. 
What inspires you? I am very inspired by real women of all shapes and sizes, untouched photography & raw beauty, honesty and positivity. I am extremely inspired by successful women in all forms. I do not believe in competition, only coming together to create something remarkable. 
List 3 words that describe your style/approach to hair and makeup: Natural, Glowing and Intuitive.