Linda- Personal Stylist

Why is hair and makeup your career.
I love color, love fashion, love trend, love creating by my hands. The power of being able to change a person’s appearance using makeup has been a personal passion of
mine. Everyone has beauty, but people often forget that. I love being able to show people just how beautiful they are.
What is it about working with brides/weddings you enjoy?
It is always a lot of joy and happiness on a wedding day. I enjoy creating different makeup and hair styles for brides. Especially when the hair and makeup done, dress is on... that moment when the bride is in front of mirror, they look so pretty and excited! I am happy for them and happy for making them feel and look amazing!
What is your favorite style to do?
I like various styles. In this beautiful and diverse world, as a hair and makeup artist I love to create various styles for different types of people. Confidance is a powerful thing! I love to make our clients look and feel more confident!
What inspires you?
Art happens in the every moment, so ideally, the thing I see, I feel, I listen in our beautiful life, everything surrounds me and can inspire me.
List 3 words that describe your style/approach to hair and makeup.
Nature, Flawless, Chic

Linda  is a professional makeup artist. She obtained makeup artistry diploma form Blanche Macdonald Centre. Trained in all aspects of Make-up : Beauty, Fashion, Bridal, Airbrushing, TV & Film, Special FX,prosthetics and hair styling. Also have fashion design degree in Taiwan has really given her the edge on color, texture, creativity and unique sense of personal style.
Linda is working as a full time freelance artist, her skills range from bridal, editorial, fashion shoots, fashionshows, commercials to films. Her knowledge of colors, textures, and styling is combined with her artistic ability to assist people for many occasions and make you feel and look your best. She loves to create beautiful things by her hands, in love with beauty, styling and fashion industry. Her works can be found in local and national publications such as Vogue Italy, Mirror magazine, Elegant magazine, Volant magazine,
Bean NU Magazine, Lavish mode magazine, Gilded Magazine, Veux magazine…etc.
On the wedding day, it is always a lot of joy and happiness. She specializes in nature, flawless and chic and enjoys creating different makeup and hair styles for brides. Linda also has a good eye for detail for making the look perfect.