Booking a Mink Stylist

We will work with you to find the Mink stylist who is a PERFECT FIT for your personality, vision, budget, and for the kind of experience you want created for you on your wedding day.

The Personal Stylist you select from our team will treat you with the following:

* A full hair and/or makeup TRIAL (about 3 hours long) so she can develop the hair and makeup look YOU feel is perfect
* Styling services ON-LOCATION so you can relax surrounded by your favorite people while we make you look beautiful
* A team of assistants that will beautify your BRIDAL PARTY (of any size!) so she can devote her attention to you and get everyone done on time (within 4 hours max!)
* A SPECIAL EARLY BOOKING BONUS: an exclusive list of some of the top wedding vendors in Vancouver who will offer you discounts you cannot find anywhere else. From photography to the wedding cake, there are ample choices and offers to help you in your planning.

We are booking up quickly for the 2017 and 2018 wedding seasons and to ensure you get the stylist you want it is important to secure your booking early. We already have some fully-booked days, but we still have at least one Senior Stylist available on .

As an added bonus to booking early, you'll be able to take advantage not only of the amazing vendor resources and offers we provide you, but we would like to give you a free deluxe upgrade! If you contact Mink today, we will set you up with a booking agent who will help you find the right stylist. 

You're welcome to call us at 1-888-798-6465 to set an appointment for a phone consultation, or simply contact us and leave your phone number and let us know the best time to reach you.

We look forward to talking with you further and making you feel and look beautiful for your wedding!