Vanessa Senior Artist

Vanessa moved to Vancouver in 2009 with no English, but a dream of becoming a makeup artist. After few months in English program, she enrolled herself into one of the best makeup schools in Canada, Blanche Macdonald Centre, and started her artistry journey. Having a diploma in Graphic Design in Taiwan has really given her the edge on incorporating color theory and shape. Moreover, after graduated from makeup school, she has been trained by many major cosmetic companies, such as MAC, Bobbie Brown, Lancome, CHANEL and so on. In addition, She oftentimes work with photographers and designers for fashion work as well. She has worked on several major fashion shows in Vancouver, and as well as some of her her print work can be spotted in Hush magazine, Belle Armoire magazine, Georgia straight, and more.


Why is hair and makeup your career? I remember when I was still in high school, all of the girls from my class would line up in the washroom asking me to put eyeliners on them. I love the art part of makeup and hair artistry, and I also enjoy 奧meeting different people and building connections with my clients!
What is it about working with brides/weddings you enjoy? My favourite thing about working with brides is definitely the moment where after them finally got ready and get to see themselves in the mirror for the first time. The look on their faces has such a glow! And knowing i am the one making them feel so beautiful is the most rewarding feeling in the world!
What is your favorite style to do? I love doing a variety of style! From Something soft and romantic to something intense, sultry and dramatic, I have my share of love for all of different styles. More importantly, I'd love my work to reflect my clients personalities and enhance their natural beauty, and more often, I always love it when my work tells the stories what my clients want to tell; not what I want to tell. 
What inspires you? People. Learning my clients' stories and getting to know them on a personal level have inspired me to be a better stylist. When I talk to my clients, I don't only ask what kind of looks they are into, but I also want to understand how they would like to feel and what images they would like to present. Customize looks based on clients' needs is definitely the key why Mink has been so successful, and I 100% stand by it!
List 3 words that describe your style/approach to hair and makeup. Classic Fun Relaxed